This was a question posed to me on social media a few weeks ago after my article about our mature members of Chipping Norton society and the fact many retirees feel constrained by their homes. After working hard for many years and buying a home for t... read more »
It might surprise you that it isn’t always the poshest villages around Chipping Norton or the swankiest Chipping Norton streets where properties sell and let the quickest. Quite often, it’s the ones that have the best transport links... read more »
The Chipping Norton Property Market is a very interesting animal and has been particularly fascinating over the last 12 years when we consider what has happened to Chipping Norton rents and house prices.   There’s currently much talk of ... read more »
So all cards up in the air! A general election will be on the books, but one thing is for sure ... whoever gets the job to deal with Brexit has a hard job on their hands (I'm just glad its not me!) As it currently stands, by not assuring the rig... read more »
  A Chipping Norton homeowner emailed me last week, following my article posted in the Chipping Norton Property Blog about the change in attitude to renting by the youngsters of the town and how they thought it was too expensive for first time ... read more »
Investing in Chipping Norton buy to let property is different from investing in the stock market or depositing your hard-earned cash in the Building Society. When you invest your money in the Building Society this is considered by many as the safe op... read more »
The Chipping Norton housing market has gone through a sea change in the past decades with the Buy-to-Let (B-T-L) sector evolving as a key trend, for both Chipping Norton tenants and Chipping Norton landlords.   A few weeks ago, the Government ... read more »
Last week, I wrote an article on the plight of the Chipping Norton 20-somethings often referred to by the press as ‘Generation Rent’. Attitudes to renting have certainly changed over the last twenty years and, as my analysis suggested, th... read more »
The good old days of the 1970s and 1980s eh … with such highlights lowlights as 24% inflation, 17% interest rates, 3 day working week, 13% unemployment, power cuts ... those were the days (not)… but at least people could afford to buy t... read more »
If I were a buy to let landlord in Chipping Norton today, I might feel a little bruised by the assault made on my wallet after being (and continuing to be) ransacked over the last 12 months by HM Treasury’s tax changes on buy to let. To add ins... read more »
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