Can we blame the 55 to 70-year-old Chipping Norton citizens for the current housing crisis in the town?   Also known as the ‘Baby Boomer Generation’, these Chipping Norton people were born after the end of the Second World War as t... read more »
Chipping Norton people aged over 65 currently hold just about the same housing wealth in their homes than the annual GDP of the whole of the Orkney Islands ..… and this is a problem for everyone in Chipping Norton!   Many retirees ... read more »
While Brexit has not yet had a sizeable impact on the Chipping Norton housing market, my analysis is pointing to the fact that the economic viewpoint still remains uncertain and Chipping Norton property price growth is likely to be more subdued in 20... read more »
Chipping Norton Property Market Sees An Unpredicted Autumn Boost of 43%   Well, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that it was Christmas – and now it’s all over! One cold December morning, after arranging the office’s... read more »
The semi-detached house with its bay windows and net curtains has long been ridiculed as an emblem of safe, lacklustre and desperately uncool suburban life; the homes of the likes of Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping up Appearances and more latterly Alan Pa... read more »
Well, hasn’t 2016 been eventful? The ups and downs of Brexit, the Queen’s 90th, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, Trump, Bake Off to Channel 4 and something close to the hearts of every buy to let landlord and homeowner in Chipping Norton ..... read more »
I was having a most interesting chat the other day with a Chipping Norton landlord when we were looking at a property. As I am sure you are aware, I am always happy to cast my eye over any potential buy to let purchase in Chipping Norton, be that you... read more »
“A pound saved is worth two pounds earned . . . after taxes” is what my grandfather used to say. He loved his irony, yet was always a wise man, and it is tax I want to talk about today, in particular, property taxation …. stamp dut... read more »
I had an interesting conversation the other day with a Chipping Norton landlord. He said he had been chatting with an architect friend of his who said back in the mid 2000’s, the developments he was asked to draw were a balance of one and two b... read more »
I had an interesting question the other day from a homeowner in Chipping Norton who asked me the difference between asking prices and values and why it mattered. When it comes to selling property, there must be agreement between the purchaser (buyer)... read more »
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