Chipping Norton Landlords and Tenants : What does the Tenant Fee Banning order mean for you?   Tenant Fees set to banned within 12 to 18 months Rents due to rise as those fees passed to Landlords Landlords won’t be worse off – ... read more »
Figures just released by the Bank of England, show that for the first half of 2016, £128.73bn was lent by UK banks to buy UK property - impressive when you consider that only £106.7bn was lent in the first half of 2015. Even more interest... read more »
Back in the Spring, there was a surge in Chipping Norton landlords buying buy to let property in Chipping Norton as they tried to beat George Osborne’s new stamp duty changes which kicked in on 1 April 2016. To give you an idea of the sort... read more »
“How's the Chipping Norton housing market doing?” asked an upbeat Chipping Norton landlord last week.  “Quite strange”, I replied. Our landlord was perplexed! Let me explain...   Even the Brexit vote has not hinder... read more »
  The Chipping Norton Property Market continues to disregard the end of the world prophecies of a post Brexit fallout with a return to business as usual after the summer break.   The challenge every Chipping Norton property buyer has fac... read more »
  Over the last month, the Chipping Norton property market has seen some interesting movement in house prices, as property values in the West Oxfordshire District Council area rose by 0.5% in the last month, to leave annual price growth at 9.5%... read more »
  As the trees turn from green to hues of red and brown the Chipping Norton property market has a confident feel to it. With the underlying fundamentals of a continued lack of properties being built, a shortage of properties (both in terms of q... read more »
Well its been a few months since Brexit and as we settle into the Autumn with Great British Bake Off, Strictly and the football season ... the newspapers are returning to their mixed messages of good news, bad news and indifferent news about the Brit... read more »
You might ask, what has the plight of the Chipping Norton savers to do with the Chipping Norton Property Market … everything in fact.  Read the newspapers, and every financial wizard is stating that with the decision of the Bank of Englan... read more »
I had an interesting chat with a Salford landlord who owns a few properties in the town. He popped his head into my office as his wife was shopping in the area (and let’s be honest talking about the Chipping Norton Property Market is a lot more... read more »
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