I had a homeowner from Over Norton email me the other day. She said she had been following the blog for a while and wanted to pick my brains on when is the best time of the year to sell a property. Trying to calculate the best time to put your Chippi... read more »
Owning a property is a great feeling.  Owning more than one property can be an even better one.  Whether it is the house you grew up in and was left to you, your first house after leaving home and then moved in with your partner or you were... read more »
There is uncertainty in the market at the moment, post-Brexit, and the property market is taking the brunt of it over the past few weeks.  House builders are being hit the most which may have an effect on the rental market.   We are seein... read more »
With the Referendum on EU membership out of the way, our households can concentrate on something European that doesn’t involve party political broadcasts or politician’s treating us all like children – the Euro 2016 Football Tournam... read more »
53.70% of West Oxfordshire Voters voted to remain in the EU – What now for the 2031 Chipping Norton  Landlords and Homeowners?   It’s 5.50am as I start to type this article and David Dimbleby has just announced the UK will be ... read more »
Easy problems should have easy solutions - shouldn’t they?   Problems like Chipping Norton’s housing crisis, where we have a rudimentary numerical problem of too few homes for too many people ... the answer is clearly to build more... read more »
There’s a whole legion of wannabe Chipping Norton first-time buyers keen to get on the property ladder and they now have a 3% price advantage over the previously quicker responding army of Chipping Norton landlords with cash at the ready. Since... read more »
‘An Englishman’s Home is his Castle’ is the phrase that was coined in Victorian times as the UK has a reputation for being a country of home owners  .. but the truth could be further from the point, because in a league of the t... read more »
I was reading the Sunday Papers, as is my want and, when reading the financial pages, it was announced UK inflation had increased to its highest level in a year. Inflation, as calculated by the Government’s Consumer Prices Index, rose by 0.3% o... read more »
I do like to have a full English breakfast at The Old Mill Coffee Shop on West Street in Chipping Norton. Whilst in there, a suited gentleman approached me and asked if I was the person who wrote the newsletters about the Chipping Norton property mar... read more »
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