A friend of mine told me a story recently about a story they read which happened in the north of England.   Basically a couple had instructed an agent who valued their property for £30,000 more than the other agencies which were invited ... read more »
The value of all the homes in Chipping Norton has risen by more than 226% in the past two decades, to £954.7m, meaning its worth more than the stock listed company Spire Healthcare Group, which is worth £948.2m.   Those Chipping No... read more »
As our families grow bigger the need for more space, be that bedrooms or reception rooms, has grown with it. Also, as our older generation lives longer and nursing home bills continue to rise quicker than a rocket on the 5th of November  (the av... read more »
Talk to many Chipping Norton 20 somethings, where home ownership has looked but a vague dream, many of them have been vexatious towards the Baby Boomer generation and their pushover ‘easy go lucky’ walk through life; jealous of their free... read more »
That got your attention …... didn’t it!   But before we start, what is Generation X, let alone Generation Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers  ... these are phrases banded around about the different life stages (or subcomponents) of... read more »
 Yes, I said ‘rentirement’, not retirement ... rentirement and it relates to the 60 (and growing) Chipping Norton people, who don’t own their own Chipping Norton home but rent their home, privately from a buy to let landlord an... read more »
Beast from the East, Russia, Facebook, Brexit, Trump, house prices up, house prices down ... the press is full of column inches on Brits’ favourite subjects of politics, scandal, weather and not forgetting (and I appreciate the irony of this!) ... read more »
As I have mentioned a number times in my local property market blog, with not enough new-build properties being built in Chipping Norton and the surrounding area to keep up with demand for homes to live in (be that tenants or homebuyers), it’s ... read more »
I was recently reading a report by the Home website which suggested that hordes of landlords are selling their buy-to-let investments due to increasing burdens on them in the rental market. Their findings suggest the number of new properties that cam... read more »
              Estate agents’ fees for selling a property can vary wildly.   In many parts of central London 2.5 per cent is a standard fee. However, I’ve seen agents advertising fees as low ... read more »
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