Buying and selling a home in Chipping Norton isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing you will ever do. Estate agent fees, solicitor’s fees, survey fees, mortgage fees, removal van … the costs just mount up throughout every step of the ... read more »
At Cotswold Lettings & Sales we love it when the clocks go forward. The days are longer, the evenings much lighter and people are starting to venture outside again.   Put simply most people love being outside when the better weather arrive... read more »
It’s now been a good 12/18 months since annual rental price inflation in Chipping Norton peaked at 3.4%. Since then we have seen increasingly more humble rent increases. In fact, in certain parts of the Chipping Norton rental market over the au... read more »
We are proud of being experts on the local property market in Chipping Norton.   We are equally proud of keeping a focussed eye on any changes to laws and legislation which may affect our clients. One such change has been the recent Governmen... read more »
Moving to a bigger home is something to which Chipping Norton people with growing young families aspire. Many people in two-bedroom homes move to a three-bedroom home and some even make the jump to a four-bed home. Bigger homes, especially three bed ... read more »
My research shows that certain types of Chipping Norton property are more affordable today than before the 2007 credit crunch.   Roll the clock back to 2007 just before the credit crunch hit which saw Chipping Norton property values plummet li... read more »
If you put your hand onto a hot stove you would not be surprised to burn it. That’s obvious I hear you cry.   And if you go for a stroll when it’s hammering down with rain you’ll get soaked, right? Duh, of course, you’r... read more »
I had a chat this week with someone who had built up and sold a successful removal company.   I asked him a question which our clients at Cotswold Lettings & Sales often ask us – How do you recognise a good removal company? He told m... read more »
We had an interesting conversation in our office recently which highlighted just why we believe in getting property in good order before putting it on the market.   Let’s say you have a nice house in a good location, with decent sized ro... read more »
I recently read a report by the Yorkshire Building Society which said that 54% of the country has seen wages (salaries) rise faster than property prices in the last 10 years. The report said that in the Midlands and North salaries had outperformed pr... read more »
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