Looking at the newspapers between Christmas and New Year, it seemed that this year’s sport in the column inches was to predict the future of the British housing market. So to go along with that here are my thoughts on the Chipping Norton proper... read more »
In the credit crunch of 2008/9 the rate of home moving plunged to its lowest level ever. In 2009 the rate at which a typical house would change hands slumped to only once every 20.5 years. The biggest reason being that confidence was low and many hom... read more »
As I mentioned in a previous article the average house price in Chipping Norton is 11.09 times the average annual Chipping Norton salary. This is higher than the last peak of 2008 when the ratio was 9.49. A number of City commentators anticipated tha... read more »
Happy New Year!   As we prepare to welcome in 2018 many of us turned our minds to our resolutions and how we will start changing our lives for the better.   A national newspaper recently published a survey of the top 50 New Year’s... read more »
Well the fallout from the recent Budget is still continuing.  I was chatting to a couple of movers and shakers from the Chipping Norton area the other day, when one said, “There isn’t enough land to build all these 300,000 houses Phi... read more »
I miss the good old days of George Osborne as Chancellor, with his hardhat and hi-vis jacket. He must have visited every new home building site in the UK with his trademark attire! For the last few years the nearest Philip Hammond got to donning a &l... read more »
As the weather gets colder and darker, and the heating and lights stay on longer, there’s one thing I can predict with even more certainty than the Queen’s Speech broadcast on Christmas Day.   The arrival of my energy bills will ma... read more »
As the winter months draw in and the temperature starts to drop, keeping one’s home warm is vital. Yet, with the price of gas and electricity rising quicker than a Saturn V rocket and gas, oil and electricity taking on average 4.4% of a typical... read more »
Chipping Norton homeowners will be among those affected by the latest rise in the Bank of England interest rates. The first increase in 10 years; they have just been raised from 0.25 percent to 0.5 per cent. This uplift comes as inflation hits a 51-m... read more »
It’s not that long now until December 25 as the TV, internet and radio reminds us on an almost minute by  minute basis.   Excited kids, family gatherings, too much food, Sir Cliff Richard songs and repeats on the telly…&helli... read more »
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